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INVT Elevator Control Technology (Wuxi) Co., LTD. is the invested holding company of Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd and always striving to be the international leading and respectable supplier for products and service on intelligent buildings. We have advanced research and development platform and improved

Our company focuses on sophisticated and integrated intelligent control products. Following the business philosophy of “honest, truthful, assiduous and ambitious” and aimed at “serve our clients and exceed their expectation”, We are always on the way of being a comprehensive service supplier of networking system and industrial automation/control system(Elevator intelligent control, intelligent control of environmental protection, energy control of central air conditioner, automatic control of building). We have introduced elevator, internet of things and building intelligence products, such as Elevator intelligent integrated machineEC100, Ethernet network monitor DM-05 etc.

Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A share market in 2010(stock code: 002334). It not only has the unique Drive Engineering Research and Development Center in Shenzhen, but also has 13 holding companies and over 30 overseas and domestic offices and it’s products have extended into over 60 countries.
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You can learn more about our Elevator intelligent integrated machineEC100 and Ethernet
network monitor DM-05 Products below and cotact INVT for further sales needs.
EC100 elevator intelligent integrated machine
EC100 elevator intelligent integrated machine is an intelligent network product for control and drive through applying advanced variable-frequency vector control, intelligent elevator control and network communication. We strive to provide high-end, high-quality, energy-saving and safe control drive devices to the global market.
Ethernet network monitor module DM-05
etwork monitor module DM-05 is management and transmission module of elevator monitoring or maintenance.It may transfer spot RS485 or CAN protocol to standard TCP/IP protocol to realize remote accessing and control. Simultaneously it analyzes and saves collected signal, including maintenance records etc., to enhance the management of maintenance technicians.So the maintenance center may set up database of elevator operation.
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